Devoxx 2010 - Day 3


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Devoxx 2010 - Day 3

Final day of Devoxx. It went by too fast.

The keynote was panel discussion, hosted by Joe Nuxoll and Dick Wall, featuring Joshua Bloch, Mark Reinhold, Stephen Colebourne, Antonio Goncalves, Juergen Hoeller and Bill Venners. Tin foil hats were present to prevent having to answer those questions that they could not answer for business reasons and Dick Wall acted as the enforcer, good fun. Various questions, more or less controversial ones (first few questions being handled: whether Java should remain backwards compatible, and whether the Java community was affected by the acquisition of Sun by Oracle). Overall enjoyable, though some answers were very polite or correct. The hats remained off most of the time though, which is a good thing.

‘Creating Lightweight Applications With Nothing But Vanilla Java EE 6′ by Adam Bien was a live coding demo, walking through the creation of a web application. The guy presents with a lot of very dry humour. The format of the talk presented the various features of JEE6 really well: one to lookup on Parleys!

ElasticSearch is a search engine that you can interact with via REST, pushing a document with data (for instance a JSON structure of a book and its author etc) and can then be queried. In queries, the original keys in the documents can be used. Lucene is used internally, and all Lucene power is exposed. ElasticSearch provides quite a few features, and also distribution of indices.

That was the end of three information-packed days. Devoxx remains a great conference, especially if you’re not able to make JavaOne (and from what I read JavaOne ain’t what it used to be, so this may be the best option at the moment). What is lacking is some more crowd-control: at JavaOne everyone MUST leave the room after a session, and there are no clashes of people trying to exit while others try to enter.


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